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Why Land Clearing?

There are many reasons why you might want land cleared of trees, but the main ones are that it is preparation for a building project, to create a fence line, or to create a fire break. It might involve removing shrubs, trees, and plants, and require the use of bulldozers, chainsaws, excavators, or if larger obstacles like rocks are needed to be moved, other heavy machinery. Land clearing is important for many reasons as noted above but one really important reason is safety. The land is cleared of dead trees, rotting wood and garbage.

Whatever the project, Kingfisher Tree Services, has the skills and land clearing equipment to get the job done. We can also help you with block leveling. For a FREE Quote just give us a quick call at 0458733489 and we will come out.

Land Clearing Melbourne

For over 18 years our team of professionals has been the trusted name in tree services, especially for land clearing in Melbourne & Mornington projects. We have an unparalleled reputation for safety, cost effectiveness, timeliness, and professionalism that can only come from delivering a professional land clearing service.

What Are Your Land Clearing Rates?

In order to provide you with a quote, we would need to inspect the land, but things that we will take into account include:

  • The number of trees and amount of foliage on the land
  • The height and diameter of any trees being cleared
  • The species of the trees on the land (as they vary in hardness)
  • The location of any trees that will stay (whether it is difficult for us to move our machinery around them)
  • Whether the land is flat or comprised of hills and slopes
  • The presence of rocks or other debris

Who We Work For

We have worked for property developers, farmers, councils, and private landowners, and offer the same level of service to all. This also means we have a wide range of land clearing experience and we can work with other people who may be involved with your project.

Before we begin any land clearing work, it is necessary that you have the relevant clearances from your local council, particularly the identification of any protected trees that may be on the property.

Call Us For A Land Clearing Quote

If you are planning a land clearing project, we would like you to consider Kingfisher Tree Services as your service provider. We have a strong commitment to safety and are fully insured. Call us today on 0458 733 489 or email your enquiry to

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